Lazy Linking, 158th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

158.1 2 Philly HS's on Most Diverse list: Central #1, SLA #16 bit.ly/1Q6by0y @nichesocial

158.2 We crave "junk news" & then blame the media for giving it to us rol.st/1MS1Dpi @rollingstone ht: @kottke

158.3 Some pics spark controversy b/c they show us what we all know but don't want to admit is true bit.ly/1N26eYt @quora

158.4 Vox says the best way Zuck can give away all his $ is to give it to his college roommate bit.ly/21vuMAD @voxdotcom

158.5 6 handpainted images inside a translucent cube = mind blown bit.ly/1IKdcgs @thisiscolossal

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