The Maturation of A Young Icon

Remember when Facebook first came out and Mark Zuckerberg was pilloried as an immature nerd not ready to lead a growing empire?  (I haven't seen "Social Network" but I understand he doesn't come off that great in that flick.)  That was like 800 million followers ago, and since then he has shown a deft touch in scaling up, correctly backtracking where he overstepped, and adding new features that have proven to be indispensable to our daily lives.

He also seems to have found his voice as a person of influence.  His philanthropy has become less impulsive and more reasoned.  He shared from his heart about miscarriages to combat the stigma many people feel about being open about such losses.  And, just last week, his announcement that he was taking two months of paternity leave made national headlines and reflected his understanding of both the importance of being away from work and the pressure many successful people feel to not take the time.

In other words, he gets that he has created an incredibly influential thing and seems sincere about wanting it (and himself) to do as much good as possible, understanding that all eyes are on it (and him).  To a smaller degree, we are all in the same situation and should try to think this way.
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