Learn How to Learn

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-HNJZKUeF7BA/VCXS6-hfINI/AAAAAAAAFU0/iK1b4Oj59YA/s1600/agree%2Bto%2Bdisagree-3.pngIn no less than the perceived left-leaning New York Times was this great article on the consequences of academia's rejection of conservative thought.  Of all the places you'd expect to find open-mindedness, surely it would be tenured professors who have almost complete intellectual freedom to explore all angles on all issues.  And yet still there is bias and close-mindedness and group-think. 

When my kids get old enough to sniff higher ed, I hope they can find a place where they can learn how to learn, which is to say to gain the tools to absorb information, weigh all the perspectives fairly, come to a conclusion but hold it loosely, and respect that others will come to different conclusions in equally pure and informed ways.  How many such universities will exist by then?
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