Lazy Linking, 157th in an Occasional Series

Unseen ArtStuff I liked lately on the Internets:

157.1 The case to let 13-year-olds vote bit.ly/1YzLz33 @voxdotcom

157.2 AM Slaughter, TN Coates on the Princeton/Wilson controversy on.fb.me/1Iqxage @slaughteram theatln.tc/1Hw5fAH @tanehisicoates

157.3 Stark racial disparity in home lending in Baltimore bit.ly/1PNG4KY @ncrc

157.4 When are economic impact multipliers wrong or even useless bit.ly/1NfVpyY @c2er

157.5 Recreating masterpieces in 3D so the blind can enjoy them bit.ly/1XiGEWY @thisiscolossal

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