Lazy Linking, 156th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:
156.1 Big ups to my friend and grad schl classmate for doing well by doing good bit.ly/1OUN2iG @phillytrib

156.2 The best church programs not only don't cost $ but invite others' resources in bit.ly/1QxS7Oc @fexpressionsus ht @fredtmok

MORAVIA 1156.3 Fancy that: every time you add a govt reg you have to subtract one @mercatus bit.ly/1Mrbogl ht @margrev
156.4 Did media Beirut covered less than Paris or did we readers just not care as much? bit.ly/1QHqhhs @voxdotcom

156.5 HBR says humble leaders are effective ones (shades of Collins' "Level 5 Ldrs") bit.ly/1MmX4TU @harvardbiz ht @margrev

156.6 1.1B NYC taxi/Uber trips is a lot of data pts to play w/ bit.ly/1j8UB6W @todd_schneider ht @kottke

156.7 Unending extensions of original movie ideas (Star Wars, Marvel)...now that's an original idea! bit.ly/1MYFrJr @wired

That face. Here's what he pulls when he has to stay in bed because he's sick.156.8 Agreed: Caillou is the worst bzfd.it/1QSkkhK @buzzfeed

156.9 "The Rock" talks about his bouts w/depression bit.ly/1I15nIn @people ht @namicommunicate #iamstigmafree

156.10 Nice tool for seeing which banks invest locally bit.ly/1ME12Yf @nextcityorg

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