Lazy Linking, 155th in an Occasional Series

M-Doors Open 2015- Rooftop maze 3.93 GRID KIDS.jpgStuff I liked lately on the Internets:

155.1 Milwaukee wastewater plant, unlikely tourism destination bit.ly/1MmgzM4 @amercitycounty

155.2 Taxpayers spend more subsidizing driving than other transp modes (>$1K/person/yr) bit.ly/1zwH1BX @uspirg

155.3 Do male execs favor young men b/c they're afraid initiating w/young women = sexual harassment? bit.ly/1PmKZUw @hrexecmag

155.4 Immigrants: 16% of labor force, 18% of business owners, & 28% of Main Street shops bit.ly/17HJzAu @ascoa
155.5 Do stop talking about Starbucks' red cup; don't stop talking about whether there's a war on Xmas bit.ly/1kPDNTG @fdrlst

http://i2.cdn.turner.com/money/dam/assets/151108180859-starbucks-red-cup-780x439.jpg155.6 Why brushing teeth w/your left hand helps you be an elite NFL receiver, by ODB on.wsj.com/1OGBdwk @wsj
155.7 Yelpers want poor white nhds to stay authentic but poor black nhds to change bit.ly/1kOjrdB @citylab
155.8 CA basing its transp projects on VMT vs LOS may make transit projects in the US easier to advance bit.ly/1qGCFB1 @citylab
155.9 Middle-aged white folks are seeing a troubling rise in death rate bit.ly/1Qqjysj @newyorker

155.10 How food tastes depends on how it smells/sounds/looks/feels bit.ly/1kK2CAm @newyorker
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