Lazy Linking, 154th in an Occasional Series

What I liked lately on the Internets:
154.1 Dems have a voter suppression strategy too 53eig.ht/1MEtuP9 @fivethirtyeight

http://cinemajaw.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Suburbia.jpg154.2 We want intelligent longform journalism but there's no good business model to sustain it bit.ly/1RySrcG @stratechery

154.3 Socialists are horrified, but market forces make food banks more effective for all bit.ly/1XMV12u @margrev

154.4 This account of a Mt. Airy couple that adopted 20 kids is eye-opening bit.ly/1JKcIGL @newyorker

154.5 The South is dead (lost the Civil War), long live the South (its ways still influence all of America) bit.ly/1H4hUot @newyorker

154.6 The making/branding of new apple products (the fruit, not the company) nyti.ms/1WvPNeh @nytimes

154.7 The #1 determinant of successful/happy people is that they did chores when they were kids bit.ly/1khzxg2 @techinsider

154.8 It doesn't benefit the airlines to be nice to passengers econ.st/1kBX0Ik @theeconomist

154.9 1st views of what Provident Mutual bldg in West Phila (my 1st office location!) will look like bit.ly/1Oth5xG @westphillylocal

154.10 Suburbia makes it hard for adults to make/see friends bit.ly/1PUke8W @voxdotcom

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