Lazy Linking, 153rd in an Occasional Series

What I liked lately on the Internets:

153.1 More proof that coddling kids crumbles them as adults bit.ly/1Lw8O9B @lifezette

153.2 The selfie girls we all made fun are actually better people than we are bit.ly/1Wnoym8 @medium

153.3 A stadium sold off into private hands...and the community wins as a result bit.ly/1GQmg8a @nextcityorg

153.4 Why 5x3=5+5+5 was marked wrong and why it matters bit.ly/1GEvvs5 @medium

153.5  That iconic pic of Bob Beamon's incredible long jump was taken by an amateur hdeadsp.in/1MU1fuc @deadspin

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