Original Sin

http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/6b/5e/be/6b5ebe54dce428d8f9be11194120d607.jpgJust because I have an African American child doesn't mean I'm not racist sometimes.

Even though I have a beautiful wife and a wonderful daughter, I still give into lust and sexism.

"Love your neighbor" and "all men are created equal" is as basic as it gets, and yet my heart fills too often with jealous or gossipy impulses, critical or divisive thoughts, and "I'm better than you" haughtiness.

I have a great job and sufficient material possessions, and yet I continue to covet.

I know I should be generous, I have the resources to be generous, and the opportunity to give is all around me...but I do not often give.

I believe that injustice is an offense to God and that I am to fear no man, but so many times I shrink back instead of standing up or standing with.

God is deserving of "sole deity in my life" status, and yet my day is littered with homages to and reliances on false god after false god.

I know that to harbor poor self-esteem, jealousy, and despondency is to insult God by doubting His wisdom in making my life the way it is and not another way.  But I am still guilty of these things many times over.

I know that to harbor anxiety, impatience, and drivenness insult God by doubting His perfect provision and His perfect timing for my life.  But I am still guilty of these things many times over.

Daily I am weighed down by the depravity around me and the depravity within me.  And daily I am lifted up by the remembrance of the assurance and finality of forgiveness that is available to me. 
I am a believer.

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