Joy Ride

You may have heard some Catholic dude was rolling into town this weekend and he may be bringing a few of his friends with him.  Yup, the Popecalypse is upon us.  I'm hoping Philly shows and proves it's up to pulling off the logistics of protecting one of the famous people in the world and accommodating the 1.5 million pilgrims who are here to see him.

It also occurs to me that, while I'm not Catholic, I ought to use the opportunity to do some of my own joy seeking.  After all, my life is crazy, in part because of the many things that make up my normal schedule.  Well, one by one things are getting canceled: meetings are getting rescheduled, most of the kids' extra-curricular activities have been shuttered for the weekend, and even my gym is closed for four days.  

In other words, I can tend to the essentials of my existence and still have extra room during my waking hours to slow down a bit, to contemplate, to be still.  Here's hoping I do good for my soul and spirit, just like so many others in town are seeking to do.
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