Let’s Talk, Part III

http://likethedew.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Letters2Congress-480x360.jpgAs noted Monday, this week is all about creating a venue for conversation.

My second topic is a bit of an outsourcing of topic selection to the hive mind, which is that once a year I like to write to my elected officials in Congress and I am stumped about what I should write about.  This is complicated by the fact that my representative in the US House of Representatives was recently indicted, but that's neither here nor there...goshdarnit I can't figure out what to talk about!  In the past, I've cycled through world hunger, mental illness, innovation, and immigration, and I could return to one of those topics or I could go in a wholly new direction.  So what should I write about?  And what should I write?  What do our elected officials need an earful from me on?
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