Let’s Talk, Part I

As an introvert, I blog in large part to process my thinking.  In a very real sense, I am writing to myself; not just the future me who may benefit from what I was thinking about something at a point in time, but also the present me who may not quite know what I think about something until I write about it.

That said, one of the nice things about blogging is the opportunity for real-time interactivity.  Even though I blog about my own opinion, that opinion is not set but is rather open to feedback from others whose perspectives are different from mine and who may cause me to amend or even reverse my thinking on something.

The most common type of feedback I receive is positive encouragement, which I greatly appreciate and which I receive in the authentic spirit for which I assume it is given.  I also get a lot of “yes, and” or “yes, but” comments, which are hugely instructive for me, to extend or counter something I am thinking so that I end up having a richer perspective than I had before.  I wish I got more “you’re full of crap,” not so much if it is meant to be mean but if it is because I am off-base, have a blind spot, have used a loaded word/phrase unknowingly, or am just plain being stupid.  I put out so much dreck that I am certain that much of it is open to “you’re full of crap” feedback, which may sting a little but is for my good and so I welcome more of it.

To tap more deeply into the hive mind of the wider world out there, I’m going to experiment with a much more open and question-oriented format this week.  Which is to say that instead of saying anything this week, I’m going to be posting requests for people to respond to – information I am seeking, debates that I’d like to hear more sides of, and opportunities to help out.  Keep an eye out and join in on the conversation if you are able; it’ll be a safe place to speak from your heart without recourse, as long as you keep an open mind.

A logistical note: as my blog gets cross-posted to a number of places - Blogger, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter - I welcome your participation at any of those venues.
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