Shout Out to Sadness

Over the holiday weekend I used some movie passes to take Aaron and Jada to see "Inside Out," Pixar's fantastic new movie about the emotions that go on inside an 11-year-old girl who moves with her family from Minnesota to San Francisco.

Without spoiling the thing for those of you haven't seen it yet (and you should, and bring a hanky; for goodness' sake, I was out-and-out bawling at three or four points in the movie), sadness the theme and Sadness the character steal the show.

It calls to my mind three musings from the past about the importance of sadness in our lives, to be human and to connect and to heal:

Winter is a Season, Too

Good Grief

Responding to Tragedy

Go see the movie and go feel your feels.  And give your kids and loved ones room to feel their feels too.
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