Lazy Linking, 148th in an Occasional Series

What I liked lately on the Internets:

148.1 A nice piece deconstructing the cost of making 1 Apple Watch bit.ly/1bSfv6F @hushev

148.2 Think ag can never be mechanized so at least humans will always have those jobs?  Think again on.wsj.com/1zRoiMd @wsj

148.3 Why don't the poor attend arts events? If it's because of TV, is that good or bad? bit.ly/1IhbSWj @createquity

148.4 A cautionary tale about econ dev that chases promised job creation bit.ly/1RRmZrT @margrev

148.5 Why do bike share users skew white and rich? bit.ly/1Fe5ECZ @voxdotcom

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