FWIW here are some topics I would like to blog about but just haven't had the time:
* California's drought problem
* Public transportation and social justice
* Garissa University
* What's "wrong" with higher education
* Opting out of vaccinations
* Growing economic inequality in America's big cities

And...here are some topics I know nothing about so will not be blogging about any time soon:
* Anything on TV right now
* Apple Watch
* The 2015 baseball season
* The Middle East
* Hillary Clinton
* Elon Musk / Tesla
* Meerkat

And just to clarify...the first list is things that are definitely interesting to me and I have some opinions but just no time to express them.  The second list is things that may or may not be interesting to me but I have neither any information on them nor time to gather said information in order to form a decent opinion on them. 
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