Lazy Linking, 148th in an Occasional Series

Ninth Avenue in New York. Photo Courtesy of Beyond DC/StreetsblogStuff I liked lately on the Internets:

148.1“Complete Streets” pay for themselves in only 8 yrs bit.ly/1F4tpNv @citified

148.2 28% of ­ earnings from natl min wage increase goes to HHs in top 40% of income distribution bit.ly/1D1Hc8p @margrev

148.3 CA almond production uses 3x more water than all homes/businesses in LA + SF
bit.ly/1IEm5rg @motherjones

148.4 US has 5x more storage facilities than the rest of the world combined ti.me/1D9shtA @time

148.5 2014 new home permits: Houston MSA (pop 6M) 64K, CA (pop 39M) 83K econ.st/1b7SqNR @economist

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