My Body Mod

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/31/Tattoo_needle.jpgAt 42, I'm contemplating the statistical likelihood that I've already lived half my life.  The stereotypical male midlife crisis responses are threefold: affair, sports car, and earring.  Well, instead of cheating on my wife I'm adopting a baby with her.  And, because of said baby, instead of getting a convertible I'm converting to a minivan.

But the body modification choice seems to suit me.  Yet an earring is a little too out there for my taste.  So I'm going tattoo.  Maybe in my old age I'm getting frailer or loopy but since Amy has two (and I think they're really cool) I figure it would be neat for me to get one too.  I'll post a pic of what and where tomorrow.
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