What Am I Working On

https://www.smartsign.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/FF-Image-Four.gif As has become my custom every three months, here's what I'm working on now at work. I won't repeat anything from last time that I happen to still be working on, and for confidentiality's sake I have to blur some of the details for some of these studies.

* Assessing the feasibility of a food manufacturing facility as a major driver of an island economy.

* Creating a calculator tool to estimate the negative impact of blight in communities across the US.

* Helping a not-for-profit entity understand the potential financial implications of absorbing another, failing not-for-profit entity.

* Multiple employment impact analysis for applicants for Immigrant Investor Program funds from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

* Multiple economic impact analyses and business plan submissions for applicants to Pennsylvania's main capital investment program.

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