Staying Sane

As an introvert who is tasked with very extroverted kinds of responsibilities on a daily basis (running meetings, leading teams, networking), it is paramount that I find ways to rejuvenate my constantly depleting social energies.  Here are some of my methods:

1. Friday night.  Setting my schedule for the week ahead, catching up on email, and recording notes on meetings I've had from the past week makes me feel less scattered.

2. Early to bed with a book.  Alas, more often than not now I am either out late or have to work late, but when I don't you can find me under the covers with my nose in a good read.

3. Morning routine.  This gets thrown if I'm out or up too late the night before, but where possible I get a jump on the day by praying, reading my Bible, checking my email, exercising, showering, and making my day's to-do list...all before anyone else is up in the house

4. Me time on the weekend.  The four of us can often be found all doing our own things, so while we enjoy together time it's nice to have solo time too, which I usually use to watch stand-up comedy on Netflix or to play a little piano. 

5. Blogging.  My head is constantly buzzing with thoughts, so recording some of them on my blog lowers the volume a little (I only wish I could share more, but for work's sake I prefer to be discreet about my opinions and encounters).

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