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Econsult Solutions
This is a very important position for our firm.  I will be the direct supervisor.  I welcome any inquiries and referrals.  All the details can be found here; I've also pasted them below.


Company Overview

Econsult Solutions Inc. provides businesses and public policy makers with economic consulting services in urban economics, real estate economics, transportation, public infrastructure, development, public policy and finance, community and neighborhood development, planning, as well as expert witness services for litigation support. Our firm has the capability to engage in projects of any size, from comprehensive long-term studies involving complicated economic arguments and extensive data analysis, to short-term advisory support. Whether working independently or on joint-venture projects, our flexibility and customized approach allow us to respond to a vast range of client needs. Our scope is large, and our expertise specific. Econsult Solutions, Inc. assists clients in the evaluation of economic and fiscal outcomes of programs and developments, offers city and regional planning insight and advice, provides GIS analytic services, yields financial projections and advises investors and governments on projects, developments, and policy outcomes, and has the economic skills and expertise to process, analyze, and manage large and complex datasets.


ESI seeks a qualified professional as its Director of Business Development. The position would start as early as March 9, 2015. Our current Director of Business Development will be relocating and stepping down from the position later this spring and will assist with the  transition into the summer.
The position description below details the requirements and responsibilities of the Director of Business Development. The role of the Director of Business Development is to manage the overall business development function of the firm, as well as identify and secure business opportunities. This role entails ensuring all internal business development functions are operational, representing the firm in public settings, and leading senior staff in business development strategy.
If you have any questions or would like to submit your resume and cover letter, please write to employment@econsultsolutions.com. Interviews will commence on Feb. 19 and will close on March 5.

Position Descrption


The Director of Business Development (DBD) is responsible for the following functions related to business development (note that most of these functions overlap):
  1. Business Development Leadership Externally, the DBD is expected to serve as an important face of the firm, interacting with key leaders and decision-makers and representing the firm from a business development standpoint. Internally, the DBD is expected to take a leadership role within the firm, working with the principals and directing staff members on all things related to business development.
  2. New Products/Clients/Partnerships Identify, research, evaluate, explore, initiate, and develop new business opportunities, which may come in the form of new products, new clients, and new partnerships. Among other avenues, the DBD will periodically convene a rotating committee with which to explore the intersection of current operations, competitor offerings, client needs, partnership opportunities, and macro-economic trends.
  3. Strategic Partnerships Manage the firm’s prioritization of and participation in existing strategic partnerships.  This function includes maintenance of a dynamic partnership grid, support of and coordination with the principals assigned to each partnership, and participation in specific partnership activities such as events and symposia.
  4. Formal Networks Manage the firm’s prioritization of and participation in existing formal networks such as associations and conferences. This function includes strategic guidance on prioritization of time and money towards various opportunities, support in the cultivation of relationships formed through these networks, and coordination of efforts across principals and directors.
  5. “Solutions For” Identify and pursue regular contact with groups of potential clients (e.g., townships, attorneys). This function includes the development of prospect lists of groups and organizations, outreach efforts, and subsequent follow-up.
  6. Senior Advisors Manage the firm’s senior advisors, including oversight of internal communications, identification of business opportunities, and coordination of periodic gatherings, to the end of activating senior advisors and maximizing business development opportunities.
  7. Business Intelligence Supervise a systematic process by which market information is gathered on competitors, clients, partners, data sources, RFPs, past work, news, macro-economic trends, and the firm itself.
  8. Traditional Media and Email Marketing Maintain existing media contacts, cultivate new media contacts, identify media opportunities, and supervise the production and dissemination of email blasts.
  9. Social Media Supervise firm participation on social media sites, including content generation, interactivity, and identification of new sites and actions.
  10. Website Supervise firm website, including updating of existing content and posting of new content as well as overseeing any major changes in design or function.
  11. Promotional Content Supervise the production and refreshment of all content related to print materials as well as refreshment of promotional materials in any other format (e.g. website). Content currently includes one-pagers, statements of experience, and biographies and curricula vitae.
  12. Proposals Manage the identification of RFP opportunities and the production of RFP responses.
  13. Contact Management Oversee the firm’s contact management efforts, including training of individuals, implementation of various processes and tools, and adjustment of processes and tools over time.
  14. Brand Management Oversee the use, protection, and (as needed) updating of the firm name, logo, and look. This function also entails ensuring that templates and other materials are developed, updated, and shared.
  15. Business Development Handbook Ensure that all processes and related documents are aggregated within a business development handbook. This handbook should be updated periodically and made available to principals and staff members.


The DBD is expected to exhibit the following professional competencies:
  1. Focus on the continuous growth of the firm and of the business development function within the firm.
  2. Ability to absorb all of the firm’s work and speak intelligently about it to others.
  3. Overall business acumen and strategic thinking.
  4. Communication skills, including the ability to present to and interact with key leaders and decision-makers and the temperament to maintain cordial relations with clients and partners.
  5. Organizational skills, in terms of managing processes, principals, staff members, relationships, calendars, and budgets.
  6. Ability to manage multiple projects and mediate between multiple perspectives, oftentimes under significant time pressure.

Organizational Chart

The following characteristics define the DBD’s placement within the firm organizational chart:
  1. The DBD is a director-level position and as such falls in the tier below principals, on par with other directors, and above all other staff members.
  2. The DBD will work for and with all of the principals, will report to and have regular business development check-in meetings with one of the principals, and will attend all principal meetings to participate in business development matters.
  3. The DBD is expected to manage the balance between taking the initiative on business development matters and including all principals on key business development decisions.
  4. Any business development staff will report to the DBD and will be managed by the DBD.
  5. As all staff are expected to contribute to business development in some capacity, all staff are expected to work with the DBD as instructed by the DBD and as approved by the principals.
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