Lazy Linking, 147th in An Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

147.1 Wait, MARTA is on the rebound? That's great to hear bit.ly/1HcsjU7 @citylab

ronit-5147.2 In Denmark, 1/2 of the ROI of education is marrying another smart person bit.ly/1tKzJHQ @margrev

147.3 Robot handwriting is a thing (btw I predict they'll make intentional "errors," just like robot DJs, to mimic humanness) bit.ly/1ulY1qK @medium

147.4 How you value the invaluable - a yr of life, forgiveness, the work of nature bit.ly/1vl3U2P @radiolab

147.5 Fingers & mouths drawn onto ceramic tableware = creepy as heck bit.ly/1EVuzKk @thisiscolossal
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