Danger is Lying Nearby

Image result for brian williams memeIn just a few short weeks, Brian Williams has gone from trusted media sage to embattled half-truther to Internet meme.  Funny or sad, it should also be instructive.

I know - personally or professionally - people who have fallen in similar ways, and I myself am not immune to the opportunity or the temptation.  Whether in business, politics, or even social services, whether for fame or money or power, it is seductive to misrepresent yourself or otherwise abuse your position for personal gain.  Oh the internal conversations we have with ourselves, to defend or compartmentalize or convince: no one will know, I deserve this, it's for a greater good.  Such is how character erodes over time until nothing is left and it all falls off the cliff. 

We may lament Brian Williams' fall or have a laugh at his expense, but let us be wary of times we may be in a similar situation, to not act in the same way.  I know I am susceptible, so I am being cautious.
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