Lazy Linking, 144th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

144.1 "Best Rapper Alive" crowned for every yr since '79 bit.ly/1rYejWO @complexmag

144.2 Ben Franklin, Founding Father, is also founder of the modern Philadelphia bit.ly/14cCcPf @phillynews @samkatz60

144.3 If Rudy got his own football movie, Reggie Ho should too bit.ly/14cClSI @angryasianman

144.4 Urban affairs news site spearheaded by Patrick Kerkstra - recommended! bit.ly/1waWUXs @citifiedphl

 144.5 Not 1 but 2 wow conclusions: (1) Poker is "solved" (2) Machines can "learn" thru "regret" bit.ly/1Krm3H2 @naturenews

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