Lazy Linking, 143rd in an Occasional Series

A Chinese man wears an anti-pollution mask near the China Central Television building in Beijing.
Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

143.1 Study links autism to 3rd trimester air pollution exposure bit.ly/1w3QF6z @bostonglobe

143.2 We know how to turn global warming down, through geoengineering, but will we? on.recode.net/1qEcj5r @recode

143.3 Conservatives vs. liberals on plasticity of function vs. plasticity of happiness in humans bit.ly/1DXZeKk @robinhanson

143.4 Beijingers prepare for an environmentally inhospitable planet b/c their city's already there  

143.5 The Christian perspective on ambition (and how it's not just for men or for business) bit.ly/1x8Fd0D @ctmagazine
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