I Resolve

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-VOdSBseHqsw/UtA_bPKHmEI/AAAAAAAAK7U/NG4kGjkMcSU/s1600/IMG_20130706_205712_edited-1.jpgSince 2011, I’ve posted my New Year’s resolutions at the end of each year. It’s a good way to do a year-end check-up and see how I did and what I need to recommit to into the New Year. So without further ado:

1. Body - run 500 miles, swim 30 miles, 150 upper body workouts, 150 lower body workouts.
It’s been over three years of Y membership and I’m loving it. (As is Amy, who takes advantage of all the free classes, whereas I just swim and use the weights.) My tallies for 1/1/14-12/1/14: ran 494 mi, swam 34 mi, did 119 upper body workouts, did 117 lower body workouts. Grade: B.

2. Civic – join one or two more boards.
Boards are a great way to give back, network, spend time with great people, and get on the inside on some really interesting things. So I’ve gone all out here, and am now up to 8 (!): American Communities Trust, Asian American Chamber of Commerce, Community Design Collaborative, Fels Alumni Leadership Council, PHL Diversity, Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia, Spruce Hill Community Association, and Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians. Grade: B.

3. Friends and family – shrink the time between contacts (varies by person).
Way too busy means not nearly enough random calls just to say hi and catch up. But I pick my spots and social media helps. Grade: C.

4. House – 2-3 more projects.
Paid someone to paint our first and second floors, upgraded the furniture in our foyer and in our second floor hallway, on our way to turning over our bedroom. Hey, after 14+ years, this house is starting to feel a little like home. Grade: B.

5. Kids – 1 on 1 times each month.
Our bedtime routine is less frequent and shorter, but we still do lots of things together. And, once a month, they know they get some one-on-one time with me, and that’s been a fun way to connect. Grade: B.

6. Marriage – at least one date night per month.
We didn’t do a date a month, but we actually had a couple of no-kids weekend getaways, so I’d say we’re doing pretty good here. Grade: B.

7. Mind – read 50 books.
I’ll post my 50 books (with ratings) tomorrow. Even with a much busier schedule – nay, especially because of a busy schedule – I was able to keep my nose between the pages a fair amount this year. Grade: B.

8. Self – three hours per week of uninterrupted me time, three personal day getaways.
Way too busy, between working on work, working on networking, and taking care of house and family. Didn’t carve out nearly enough time for myself. Three personal days I actually did, but three hours a week of uninterrupted me time was seldom to be found. Grade: C.

9. Spiritual – 100 Bible memory verses, one extra hour per week of praying.
Steadier in prayer but lacking in duration and quality. The memory verses aren’t getting easier. My walk is weaker but my understanding of God’s goodness is deeper. Grade: C.

10. Work – ten quality reports.

We did some good stuff in 2014. Topics covered included blight, casinos, community development corporations, downtown revitalization, new resident attraction, real estate development, technology transfer, tourism, universities, waterfront developments. Geographies included Philly, Philly burbs, New Jersey, New York, DC, Houston, Wilmington, Indiana, Kansas, and Arkansas. Grade: B.
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