2015 Predictions Guaranteed or Your Money Back

http://nofrakkingconsensus.files.wordpress.com/2009/09/zero_visibility500.jpgPredictions from a year ago:

1. "Barack Obama just never gets it going: Obamacare gets whittled away, another lofty campaign theme gives way to sloppy mismanagement, and foreign policy initiatives languish as a result of a loss of trustworthiness."  To what extent this occurred is obviously open to partisan interpretation.  But I think we can all agree it's been a bumpy year for President Obama.  

2. "23andme wins its battle against the FDA, and by the end of the year 'spit kits' go for $9.99."  Alas, the FDA has proven a formidable foe for 23andme.  But spit kits under $10 are surely on their way. 

3. "Despite having legions of haters, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus still top the charts.  Has to do with the fact that they actually have talent in spades." Actually, was it me or did we actually hear hardly anything about Biebs or MiCy this year?  

4. "LeBron stays in South Beach.  So does Chris Bosh.  No one else in the Miami Heat’s main rotation does." Oops, LeBron actually went home and everyone else stayed.  

 Well, that was fun...and wildly off.  Here go four more for '15:

1.Drones the size of tarantulas debut in emergency rescue simulations.  I.e. everything in Minority Report is eventually coming true.

2. Seemingly unstoppable public momentum concerning policies about marijuana use, police cameras, and net neutrality hit a brick wall.
3. Nine more Fortune 500 CEOs announce they are gay.  

4. The NFL has seen child abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, murder, bounties, prostitutes, steroids, dogfighting, sexting, drugs, and did I miss anything?  Well, this coming year will bring a high-profile coach throwing games to pay back a gambling debt.
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