Tally Mode

http://www.presidio.gov/transportation/PublishingImages/Google%20Maps%20Icons.pngFor kicks and giggles, I went back over my October calendar and tallied all the places I went based on whether I walked, transited, or drove to them.  (Commuting to work counted - 1 per workday - but meetings in my office didn't.)  For each category, the first number is walking/running, the second is transit, and the third is car.

Work meetings/events/commute 33/33/2.  23 of the 33 transit trips are my daily commute, so my work meetings and events are largely arrived at on foot.  It helps to have an office right in the middle of Center City. 

Errands/exercise/chauffeuring 25/4/18.  24 of the 25 walking/running trips were for exercise.  Almost all of my car stops that month were for shuttling: gymnastics is in the suburbs, and groceries for a family of four requires a trunk. 

Family/friends/fun 18/2/1.  Church, coffee shops, and many other leisure destinations are within short walking distance.

I am by no means car-free, but nor do I want to be.  And I am by no means tethered to a car, as is the case in some suburban locations where nothing can be accessed unless you get into your four-wheeler.  I quite like my mix of modes, and that where I live and work lends itself to so many trips being done without the use of a four-wheeler.
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