Lazy Linking, 138th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

138.1 You can have >1 baby in China now, but too few couples are doing it b/c it costs too much bv.ms/1tofNZm @bv

138.2 Beautiful story about an ex-NFLer's family life (Ricky Watters' wife is a HS classmate of mine) bit.ly/1qi2G6W @nflplayerengage

138.3 Penn Alexander isn’t the only schl millennial parents are choosing in Philly bit.ly/1EabLa6 @hiddencityphila

138.4 Ta-Nehisi Coates rebuts Charles Barkley’s claim that blacks’ worst enemy is themselves theatln.tc/10ILtha @theatlantic

138.5 Josh Kopelman: UberX sends the wrong signal about whether Philly’s a good place for innovation bit.ly/1wgksxq @billy_penn
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