Growth Strategy

http://www.sierranaturenotes.com/naturenotes/images/USAtNight1.gifI'm doubly lucky that I get to do so much work in Philadelphia.  First, it allows me to be involved in important and interesting things in my own city.  Second, I don't have to live the typical consultant's life of living out of a suitcase, which is nice, since I like to be able to walk my kids to school in the morning and sit down for dinner with my family in the evening.

There's always room for more work in Philadelphia; it is the fifth largest city in the US, after all.  But as we seek to grow at my firm, we're thinking some of that growth is going to come by doing more work outside of Philadelphia.  Which means more travel.

Thankfully, even as we are becoming more successful in getting out-of-town work, much of that work still allows for breakfast at home and tucking the kids into bed at night (or at least one of the two).  Think of what's within an easy day trip of Philly and back, and most without the need for a car, no less:

* The nation's political capital and one of the great power centers in the world (Washington DC)

* The nation's financial capital and one of the great money centers in the world (New York City)

* Four state capitals (Harrisburg, Trenton, Dover, Annapolis)

* Four other major financial/population/tourism centers (Baltimore, Newark, Wilmington, Atlantic City)

That's ten legit hubs of potential business for us!  To say nothing of dozens of second-tier places like Lancaster, Allentown, and Jersey City, all of which could represent work for us.  To be sure, we're seeking work far and wide (you may recall that we've done a bunch of stuff in the US Virgin Islands, for example, and we're looking at something in California right now).  But it's good to know that there's lots to do in Philly itself, and in numerous nearby cities that are just a train or short car ride away.
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