Late last week I had the honor of hearing from, sitting next to, and being introduced by Dr. Russel Kaufman, head of the Wistar Institute in University City.  We were at a CEO Council for Growth meeting at Wistar, I was presenting on a report we are working on, and Dr. Kaufman was tasked with teeing up my remarks.

I live less than a mile from Wistar, but most people aren't familiar with this mighty little engine. They were the nation’s first independent medical research and training institution.  They happen to have developed the vaccines for rabies, rubella, and rotavirus.  And I think it's an even bet that if we ever beat cancer, Wistar is going to be where the case is cracked. 

To me, it's remarkable how incredibly rich and dense is the intellectual firepower just blocks from my house.  Within one mile of my humble abode you can find, in addition to Wistar:

1. An Ivy League school (Penn)

2. The world's best undergraduate business school (Wharton)

3. The #1 children's hospital in the US (CHOP)

4. North America's first pharmacy college (USciences)

And you wonder why I'm bullish on Philadelphia and long on my neighborhood.

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