Too Long For a Tweet, Too Short for a Blog Post XI

http://media.npr.org/assets/img/2011/04/08/plastic.freinkel1_custom-9ef5ba3ed81966639e150a5a39a2d34e1893e76b.jpgHere's an excerpt from a book I recently read: "Plastic: A Toxic Love Story," by Susan Freinkel.

I’ve looked at photos of dozens of dead Laysan albatrosses — pictures that capture in the starkest way the threat plastics pose to the natural world.  Every carcass seems a mockery of the natural order: a crumbling bird-shaped basket of bleached bones and features filled with a mound of gaily colored lighters and straws and bottle caps. The birds are dissolving back into the ground; the plastics promise to endure for centuries.
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