Lazy Linking, 137th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

137.1 The humans who screen out genitalia and gore from your FB feed wrd.cm/10qAzwi @wired

137.2 The real reason for less scoring in baseball: ump evals mean bigger strike zones nyti.ms/1z1fzKO @upshotnyt

137.3 Detroit, hot new manufacturing hub for two-wheeled vehicles for.tn/1nDoT3o @fortune

137.4 Some of my favorite things at this link, incl: play, GIS, Design Collab, Azavea bit.ly/1pAK2a9 @nextcityorg

137.5 Ferguson got the way it was thru racist land use policies theatln.tc/1vpO5vL @theatlantic
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