Diversity and Commerce in Philadelphia

One of the great things about living in a big city is the diversity you encounter in its professional settings, leisure destinations, and residential neighborhoods.  I am excited to experience even more of that diversity as I am joining two new advisory boards, one called PHL Diversity (which is within the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau) and one for the local Asian American Chamber of Commerce.  (I'd be remiss if I didn't put in a plug for PHL Diversity's annual luncheon, which is in one week - join me by buying a ticket here!)

As a student of diversity and a lover of business, I am fascinated by the intersection between diversity and business.  I believe that diversity is good business, which is to say that diversity is an attractive and necessary aspect of succeeding in business, whether you are an individual business owner trying to grow your firm or a city trying to grow its tax base.  I also believe that business is a great venue for pursuing diversity, in that if you seek to pursue the socially admirable goal of diversity-related inclusion, you should and must include commerce in that pursuit.

So there you have it: diversity is both a means and an end.  I look forward to seeing this play out in these two boards, learning lots from my fellow advisors, and doing my little part to make Philadelphia better and brighter.
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