Lazy Linking, 136th in an Occasional Series

Man stands by deforested area
Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

136.1 The economics of outsourcing handwriting tasks bit.ly/1ulY1qK @medium

136.2 A sign of more climate change transactions to come? Norway pays Liberia to stop deforestation bbc.in/1rsUi8S @bbcnews

136.3 What's the most impactful climate change action of the last 25yrs? (hint: has to do w/Montreal) econ.st/XQC991 @economist

136.4 What should US MBAs learn about Chinese management? econ.st/1uyVMxO @economist

136.5 Upending the myth about "motherhood penalty, daddy bonus" (but why no quotes from non-white moms?) glmr.me/1t0qQav @glamour
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