Lazy Linking, 134th in an Occasional Series

Krishna P. Singh Center for Nanotechnology
Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

134.1 Finding your love match thru spreadsheets 53eig.ht/1qc0Okt @fivethirtyeight

134.2 New album means Lecrae in the news a lot ble.ac/1xAGjSL @bleacherreport bit.ly/1rUaJa0 @billboard

134.3 Solar's so attractive/successful/mainstream that VCs have moved on from them ti.me/1qMycxn @time

Lecrae, 2014.
134.4 When will computers be able to do lip reading & what'll be the implications bit.ly/1qN6gd1 @techreview

134.5 One of the architecturally best new academic bldgs is just a mile from my house archdg.st/1lJQ77Y @archdigest
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