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http://atrsystems.com/news/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/sbn_seal.jpgThis post is pulling double-duty as my promotion of Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia, which I'm on the board of and which is having its fall membership drive.  So I'm motivated to make the case for ponying up the annual dues, which my own firm does and which I'm now going to try to convince you to. 

People evaluate membership organizations in different ways, and it's not my job to tell you that one way is better than the other.  Rather, I'm going to say that however you want to think about being a member, SBN makes sense:

If you want it to be a charitable contribution, as in "I support what they're doing so I'm going to give them money," we'll take it, and you can take the tax deduction as well as the comfort that you're supporting a well-run, impactful organization.

If you want it to be about advocacy, joining SBN is a great way to amplify your voice and SBN will be sure to step up for what you're about.

If you want it to be about affiliation, as in "I'm part of this club," that'll work, too, because all the cool companies are doing it (don't you want to be cool like us?).

If you want it to be about the network, you'll get your money's worth, because you'll be joining a group that is thick as thieves - numerous, diverse, and hyper-willing to help you out.

If you want it to be about the perks, it's a good deal - you get all kinds of access, resources, information, publicity, and so on. 

Here's the link.  Click through, join, and get involved!

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