The Pleasure of Preaching

I have had the pleasure of preaching at my church six times in the last three years.  Here are the passages and the titles:

Besides a slant towards long titles, do you see any running themes?  I know it seems obvious, but when I preach my goal is to speak good news, and in order to do that I feel I need to establish that (1) we are in need of salvation, (2) because there is something called sin, but (3) oh what a relief that God makes a way. 

Preaching is not easy, especially because my need for space to pray/hear/think/write/revise/practice doesn’t fit neatly into my chaotic schedule.  (I’ve done sermon prep while proctoring a midterm, riding an airplane, and waiting outside a birthday party, for example, and the one and only time I practiced my sermon last weekend was the morning of at Home Depot while waiting for paint to be mixed.)  But it’s something I enjoy, because I realize I am speaking not for or from myself but by something greater.  This is particularly rewarding because what I am speaking is in fact good news.  What a joy to share it!
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