Lazy Linking, 132nd in an Occasional Series

Taroko Gorge
A Trio of Dreamy Treehouses Linked by Bridges treehouses Atlanta architecture Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

132.1 I'm not a big fan of treehouses but this one is cool bit.ly/1kH03hz @thisiscolossal

132.2 Protecting the Internet from...sharks bit.ly/1uId9Pa @discovermag

132.3 Pittsburgh never looked so good bit.ly/1uIde5x @pittsburghmag

132.4 Unique Taiwanese things to do in Taiwan bit.ly/1p1zROX @globetrotteri

132.5 A linguistic look at restaurant menus in the US theatln.tc/1rvoxJ5 @theatlantic
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