Too Long for a Tweet, Too Short for a Blog Post V

http://ih.constantcontact.com/fs185/1101302906937/img/228.jpg?a=1113030373231 Here's an excerpt from a song I've been listening to: "Cypha Time," by Cross Movement.

Check the way we stepped in
No weapons
When we elected
Heaven's protecting us like a good investment
We never need a vest
when we step in to your section
nor a Smith and Wesson
'cause in Jehovah's arm we rest in
Eternal Life we don't deserve it
we're worthless, but God is perfect
The Servant worship, He's worth it!
Word it's a sad life we be living mad trife
There's mad strife, some grab pipes
They need to grab Christ
You say: "It's over"
I'm saying: "Hold up! Here comes Jehovah
Who saves always like Coca-Cola
Throw your hand up
Behold I know a Banner
The true Manna
A Lamb for a world dirty like Diana
Turning sins whiter than Vanna
No it's not Santa but
The Alpha who was raised like Gamma
The Omega who could save the world, and a
Always hang around you like a tourist with his camera
Can the Cross Movement drop God's propaganda?
The Word potty trains you, God's got the Pamper
Yeah, watch the crew unite the two, mics and grammar
Something clean for your head like a white bandanna
Sin's a cancer
Spreading like the legs of a dancer
But there's an answer
It's the Christ blood transfer!
The God-man's an ambulance for sin sickening
Who knows their life is going to end like this stanza?
So now I hand the
Mic to my man the
Tonic who drops the real deal like Evander

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