Sending the Same Letters to Congress

http://likethedew.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Letters2Congress-480x360.jpgEvery six months or so, I like to be a good citizen and write something to my elected officials in DC.  Having last written in early January, I'm due again.  I try to rotate topics but I keep coming back to immigration reform, which I wrote about last time.  I recently reread what I wrote, and feel like I want to resend that, because it represents what I want to say to my political leaders now, and even more given the growing number of young people seeking entrance into our country. 

As I wrote yesterday, I'm torn on what the short-term solution is to waves of kids arriving on our borders.  The only clear thing it's telling me is that a long-term solution is needed all the more.  Economies and societies rise and fall depending on the influx of young talent, human capital, and sweat equity.  And yet we hinder instead of helping when it comes to people choosing our country.  When the history books are written about this time and this subject matter, I shudder at what they will say about our great nation. 
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