Way Up High in the City

This past weekend I checked one more item off my Philly bucket list, which was to ride the Zoo Balloon.  Because it flies so high, it's grounded at the slightest hint of inclement weather or wind, and if conditions are perfect that also means everyone in the city is at the zoo and trying to ride the thing.  So even though we've been to the zoo probably 50-60 times, we'd never ridden the Zoo Balloon until this weekend.

But with our membership soon to expire, and Sunday bringing perfect hot air balloon riding weather, we decided to wait out the line.  And, though it took almost an hour in the baking sun, the ride was worth the wait.  Being so high up gives you a great panorama of a pretty part of the city, right up against the Schuylkill River and with a clear look to the Art Museum and the Center City skyline.

Urban Philly may be defined by cracked sidewalks and rundown row-houses but it's also good to get a high-altitude view every once in awhile.  I'm glad I waited for my chance this past weekend.

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