Lazy Linking, 124th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

124.1 Economists explain why cats dominate the Internet bit.ly/1p0nL6X @sbs

124.2 UNC hoop star says he took sham classes; reminds me of Gary Edwards in FNL es.pn/1kPFb0T @espn

124.3 Computers are now better than humans at facial recognition = huge implications bit.ly/1l43FJU @theatlantic

124.4 Colleges discriminate against Christian groups for being discriminatory nyti.ms/1xNfecz @nytimes

124.5 In the spat btwn Angelina Jolie & China, I side w/the one recognizing Taiwan as a distinct entity huff.to/1inTXw1 @huffpo

124.6 An under-discussed aspect of schl shootings is that they are a form of terrorism bit.ly/SLyh6O @iammarkmanson

124.7 You may mock Buzzfeed & all its listicles, but its super-smart founder gets media bit.ly/1qtPRYk @medium

124.8 An updated estimate of the value of ecosystem services provided by nature nyti.ms/1n18Ndv @nytimes

124.9 Geneticist's son's DNA sequenced before birth; Gattaca, here we come bit.ly/1uf9l3g @techreview

124.10 The science behind the importance of dads being present in their kids' lives bit.ly/1pylcM5 @voxdotcom
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