Retail Survey Report

In Fall 2013, a committee I chair within our neighborhood association conducted a survey of retail preferences.  Almost 500 residents responded, demonstrating the importance of retail to a neighborhood’s sense of vitality, safety, and identity, and yielding a trove of information that will be useful to residents, community groups, businesses, developers, and policymakers alike.

I'm happy to announce that our report on this survey is now complete.  The full retail survey report is now available on the Spruce Hill Community Association website.  Also, here are links to some really cool interactive maps:
Favorite Retail: http://bit.ly/PAiwh1
Retail Improvement Opportunities: http://bit.ly/PAkj5z
Respondents: http://bit.ly/PAkwFR
          Combined: http://www.arcgis.com/apps/OnePane/basicviewer/index.html?webmap=86fd4062c19645ddbafea4028635652d
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