Lazy Linking, 121st in an Occasional Series

sr_china_agriculture_4948101.jpgStuff I liked lately on the Internets:

121.1 $#@! yeah…swearing is good for your health dailym.ai/1iG9PJn @mailonline

121.2 Online tests help smart job candidates who are otherwise discriminated against wapo.st/1uIjzft @washingtonpost

121.3 Uh oh…that catchy ice cream truck song has a racist origin n.pr/1jhX8Eu @nprnews

121.4 Is the cooperation needed to grow rice the reason why Asian kids succeed in school? bit.ly/1mTmgtG @scmp_news

121.5 The case for letting bicyclists roll through stoplights bit.ly/1j9X4ql @voxdotcom
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