Lazy Linking, 120th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

120.1 Which rappers have the most expansive vocabularies? (hint: Wu members score well) bit.ly/1fGkVU1 @matthew_daniels

120.2 Are athletes improving over time? Or do we just have better materials/equipment? bit.ly/1jJYBIu @tedtalks

120.3 China had 22 dams when Communists took over in ’49; since then they’ve built 1 a day for 60+ yrs bit.ly/1jbGzdh @quora

120.4 Boko Haram says don’t educate girls; John Piper begs to differ bit.ly/1kNsTrR @desiringgod

120.5 #IAm video series of today’s American American role models bit.ly/1nqDoq2 @angryasianman
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