Kudos to Robert Nelson and OIC

Rob Nelson, president of Opportunities Industrialization Center, with trainees who are learning to work in the hospitality industry, a program Nelson spearheaded in the ´90s.Kudos to Robert C. Nelson, who is stepping down next month after 30 years at the helm of OIC, which was a creation of the late great Reverend Leon Sullivan.  I got to know Mr. Nelson when he chaired the Philadelphia Jobs Commission, which my firm provided analytical support to; we have subsequently done work directly for OIC and are one of the sponsors of their 50th anniversary gala next month. 

It would not be wrong for your thoughts to gravitate towards Mr. Nelson's natty attire, megawatt smile, or sharp wit.  But it would be incomplete, because he should be honored for so much more, for all he's done for and through OIC.  His legacy includes countless people trained in hospitality who are now gainfully employed and rising up in the ranks throughout Philadelphia.  Well done, good sir.
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