Sweet Story

Last week I had the pleasure of traveling to Hershey, Pennsylvania, for a business meeting.  The place, as you can imagine, is steeped in the legacy of Milton Hershey, whose name is synonymous not only with chocolate but also with a school, a medical center, and a whole complex of family attractions.  It's an almost universally recognized name, and yet it took actually being in the town to really understand just how incredibly far-reaching his achievements were from 100+ years ago:

* Bringing milk chocolate to the masses

* Creating one of the world's most valuable and most well-known brands

* Birthing the rare company town that was benevolent to its workers

* Casting a vision for a true live/work/play community way before it was cool

* Laying the foundation for numerous charitable efforts that continue to make a difference today

Entrepreneur, town builder, philanthropist, and advocate.  I'd say that's a life well lived! 

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