Lazy Linking, 115th in an Occasional Series

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-9HgQa1-7Q3s/TcQDzYdWsgI/AAAAAAAAABg/JnMT22xDqcw/s1600/Desean-Jackson-Nadir-Khoury-The-View-2.jpgStuff I liked lately on the Internets:

115.1 Vote for your favorite unwritten Monopoly rule here nyti.ms/1dVRDKw @nytimes
115.2 Strangers stage intervention for anorexic woman @ TN Y usat.ly/1f2Dz5K @usatoday

115.3 Sex, booze, partying, & socio-economic inequality on college campuses bit.ly/1lsMuBt @crookedtimber

115.4 The story behind Philly’s motto has it all – history, language, Scripture bit.ly/1plrSKG @hiddencityphila

115.5 In honor of @deseanjackson10 here’s when he visited the View to support a victim of bullying bit.ly/1i2s6Si @youtube
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