Lazy Linking, 113th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

113.1 All it takes to organize unruly bus-boarders is...masking tape bit.ly/1cNRqOm @nextcityorg

113.2 Asking good questions is a criminally underrated leadership skill bit.ly/1doORwO @inc

113.3 Is AOD the next planning fad? Organizing new development around ag space bit.ly/1iiWsSZ @amercitycounty

113.4 For Detroit to really thrive it has to work for its long-time black residents huff.to/1kPNCiu @huffpo

113.5 Gambling is good...for statistically determining which were the most exciting games bit.ly/1ihpgLI  #Gambletron2000
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