Lazy Linking, 112th in an Occasional Series

(The Monkey Cage)
End of the World Cinema: An Abandoned Outdoor Movie Theater in the Desert of Sinai movies Egypt Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

112.1 Megan McArdle on why you must fail in order to succeed bit.ly/1eexOOv @aei

112.2 Does an ascendant China necessarily mean the eventual death of Taiwan? bit.ly/1h2iWVv @thenatlinterest

112.3 This visual tells you just how uniquely dysfunctional CA state government is wapo.st/1fNIrxe @washingtonpost

112.4 So, how do we feel about remote-controlled drones equipped w/tasers? dailym.ai/Pe96s6 @mailonline

112.5 China "exported" $80B more in tourism spending to other countries than it "imported" from visitors to China econ.st/1ilUD5G @economist

112.6 “Economics: The Biggest Fraud Ever Perpetuated on the World”? Them’s fightin’ words! bit.ly/1jP8C5I @pieriaview

112.7 “The Massive Liberal Failure on Race,” in 3 parts (1) slate.me/1fY5C4k (2) slate.me/LSb7HW (3) slate.me/1kvVXEE  @slate

112.8 There’s way more fish a layer down (just like natural gas!) bit.ly/1cr0oBl @physorg_com

112.9 Turning a chain into a charmed snake astounds me and apparently physicists too nyti.ms/1kES1EH @nytimes
112.10 Ho hum, an entire outdoor movie theater in the middle of the Sinai Desert…wait wha? bit.ly/1ilXr2J @thisiscolossal
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